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0188002237 Chef Westinghouse Oven Door Inner Glass Seal


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  • Chef Westinghouse Simpson Oven Door Inner Glass Seal 0188002237
  • Size: 1375mm (cut to size)
  • Suits: POH688W*14 POH688S*15 POH688S*14 POH688K*14 POH688K*06 POH688W*06 POH688S*06 POH688K*11 POH688S*11 POH688W*11 POH688K*07 POH688S*07 POH688W*07 63C904S*00 63C904W*00 63C906S*00 63C906W*00 63C911S*00 63C911W*00 POH660S POH660W POH662K POH662S POH662W POH660S*04 POH660S*07 POH660W*04 POH660W*07 POH662K*04 POH662K*07 POH662S*04 POH662S*07 POH662W*04 POH662W*07 63C807S*00 63C807W*00 63C808S*00 63CS08W*00 POH675K*00 POH675S*00 POH675W*00 POH685K*00 POH685S*00 POH685W*00 POH667K*07 POH667S*07 POH667W*07 POH660S*00 POH678K*00 POH678S*00 POH678W*00 POH660W*00 POH662K*00 POH662S*00 POH662W*00 EOS611S EOS611W EOS631K EOS631S EOS631W EOS671S EOS671W 75C804S*00 75C804W*00 75C805S*00 75C805W*00 63C904S*11 63C904S*13 63C904W*11 63C904W*13 63C906S*11 63C906S*13 63C906W*11 63C906W*13 63C911S*11 63C911W*11 POH688K*00 POH688S*00 POH688W*00 63C807S*07 63C807W*07 63C808S*07 63C808W*07 63C807S*11 63C807S*13 63C807W*11 63C807W*13 63C808S*11 63C808S*13 63C808W*11 63C808W*13 EPSC631S EPSC631W EOCL633W EOCR633W EOCL633S EOCR633S GWH472S*00 GWH472S*05 GWH472W*05 POH773W*00 POH774S*00 POH774W*00 63C904S*07 63C904W*07 63C906S*07 63C906W*07 63C911S*07 63C911W*07 EPSZ611S EPSZ611W EPSZ631S EPSZ631W GOS611S GOS611W GOS631K GOS631S GOS631W 75C974W*00 75C975S*00 POH667K*11 75C975W*00 75C804W*11 75C805S*11 75C805W*11 POH667S*11 POH667W*11 75C805S*13 75C805W*13 75C804W*07 75C805S*07 75C805S*08 75C805W*07 75C805W*08 GWH540KLP*00 GWH540KNG*00 GWH540SLP*00 GWH540SNG*00 GWH540WLP*00 GWH540WNG*00 POH678K*11 POH678S*11 POH678W*11 POH773W*07 POH774S*07 POH774S*08 POH774W*07 POH774W*08 POH678K*07 POH678S*07 POH678W*07 75C975S*11 75C975S*13 75C974W*11 75C975W*11 75C975W*13 POH773W*11 POH774S*11 POH774W*11 63C808W*00 POH667K*00 POH667S*00 POH667W*00

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