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219440101 Euromaid Oven Tray Enamel 462 x 373 Genuine


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  • Euromaid Oven Tray Enamel 219440101
  • Suits: ES7, DS2, ET12, ET12XL, EP12, DW2, EWP12, ETP12, CDDB60, DS1, EW7, ETP12XL, BS7, BD51, EW60, CDDW60, CS60, CDDS60, CDDB60
  • BDO2, BMOP12, BO5M, BO7C, BP90S, BS5, BS51, BS7, BS8, BT44, CDDB60, CDDS60, CDDW60, CS60, CW60, DS1, DS2, DW2, EKD5B, EKD8B, EKD8W, EKDO84B, EKDP8B, EKM5S, EP12, ES60, ES7, ET12, ET12XL, ETD13B, ETP12XL, EW60, EW7, EWP12, GDDS60, GDDW60, GEGFS60, GEGFW60,GTEOS60, GTEOW60, LES7H, MS8, MW8, PS12, RES7H, RMO5, RMO7
  • Size: 462 x 373 x 40mm deep
  • 1785592

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