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C00037056 Ariston Energy Regulator Genuine EGO

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  • Ariston Energy Regulator C00037056
  • Suits:  HM27V, HM37V, HM87V, HO87EF.2/ETDIX, HD87C(WH), HD87C (BK), HD87C(MR), HD56C(IX), HD50(BK), HM55RIX, HM55R(BK), HM55R(WH), HD50(ICE), HD50IX, HB50ER(ALU), HB50ER(IX), HO50(BM), HO50(IX), HO50(ALU), HO10(IX), HO10(BM), HO87EF(IX), HO87EF(ALU), HO87EF(BM), HO10(ALU), HB20AC(WH), HB22AC(IX), HB22AC(WH), HB52AC(IX), HB52AC(WH), HB52AC(BK), HD50(MR), HB56C(WH), HB56C(BK), HO87EC(IX), HB86CIX, HD870C(ICE), HD870C(MR), HD870C(SL), HB60ER.2(ALU), HO87EF.1(ALU), HO87EF.1(BM), HO87EF.1IX, HO87EC.2IX, HO50.2IX, HO50.2(BM), HO50.2(ALU), HD870.2(ICE), HD870C.2(MR), HD870C.2(SL), HB22AC.1IX, HB22AC.1(WH), HB52AC.1(BK), HB52AC.1(WH), HB52C.2IX, HB56c.2IX, HB86C.2IX, HO97P.2IX, HO10.2IX, HO87EF.1/E(ALU), HO50.2TIX, HO97P.1/EIX (T), HO87EF.1/E(BM), HO87EF.1EIX, HO87EC.2/EX, HR10.1IX, HR50.2IX, HR87.1IX, H60.1IX, H60.1(ALU), H66.1IX, H66V.1IX, H87V.1IX, H60VP.1IX, H87VP.1IX, H87VP.1(ALU), HR87P.1IX, H10.1IX, HR87.1TIX, HR50.2TIX, HO97P.1/EIX, H60VP.1X/Y, H89V.1IX, H89VP.1IX, H622.1IX, H62C.1IX, H61.1IX, H61.1(WH), H61.1(BK), HR86T.1IX, H101.1IX
  • Indesit: MK64RIX
  • 50.57021.010, Cooo37056
  • Commonly used in many electric cooktops, ovens, cookers & stoves

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