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Ariston Oven Thermo Cutout Switch C00259539 Genuine

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  • Ariston Oven Thermo Cutout Switch C00259539
  • Suits: C659PX, FM11F, HS30R(ALU), FM21V, FM87, FC(WH)IB, FM21, FM37V, HS30G, FG21(BR)IB, FM37F, FM36V, FG21(BK)IB,  HM10, HM27V, FV271GB, HS10D, FM373FGB, FM374GGB, FV242DGB, FM362F, FS111, FM361, FM11MALSKD, HM37V, HS100, FM12, FS12, HS10V, HM10V, FM37GAUS, A2013, FM272GB, PM11, PS11, PM37V, FS211GB.1, FG21, FG211, FM38VTC, FG274, PS11.1, PM11.1, PS12.1, A2010/2, A2011/2, PM37V.1, PM33.1, PS32.1, PS10.1, FS41IX, FS41, FS41RIX, FS41R, FM51IX, FM51, FM51RIX, FM51R, FM52F, FM87F, FM54D, PS32.2, FM44D, HS30, FM24D, HM50, HM50G, FS45RC, FM751RC, FM752RCIX, FM743DC, FV37GB, FV34DGB, FM51IXGB, FS41GB, FS46C, FM87FC, FG21R, FM51V, FM56VC, FM81RIXAUS, FM81R(WH)AUS, A2210, A2211, FM52RIX, FM87FCGB, FM86VC, FG21(WHI), FG21(BRW), FG21(BLK), FM81R(X)AUS, PM52, PM87V, PM87(IX), FG21R(WH), FG21R(BK), FG22(WH)GB, FG22(BR)GB, FM51R(WH)SK, FM51RIXSK, HM50R(WH)SK, HM50RIXSK, FM743DC(OW), FG21(WH)IB,  FS46C(WH)IB, HS10, FS46C(BR)IB, FM51(WH)IB, FS36, FM51(BR)IB, FS41(WH)IB, FS41(BR)IB, PS41(BK), PS41(WH), FM51R(OW), PS41IX, FM752RC(WH)IR, FM752RCIXIR, FS50IX, FM87RIXAUS, FM87R(WH)AUS, HM55RIX, HM55R(BK), HM55R(WH), FM27F, HM50R(ALU), FM51R(ALU), FM51RC( IX)AG, FM771RC(WH), FM771RC(BR), FM771RC(BK), FM772RC(IX), FM571R(WH), FM571R(BK), FM87CIXGB, C659PXNG, FM11, FS11, PS41(OW), FM87FC(BR)IB,

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