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0122004501 Chef Westinghouse Oven Grill Element Genuine


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  • Chef Westinghouse Oven Grill Boost Element 0122004501
  • Suits Many Other Ovens, some models numbers mentioned below:
  • Suits: EOC697W*30 EOC697S*30 EOC643WCC EOC643SCC ESE6634S POHL668WCC POHL668SCC EDCD691W*03 EDCD691S*03 85E726W 85E726S EOC643S EOC643W EOC673S EOC673W EOC693S EOC697S EOC697W PPL778S PPL778W EOC671BS EOC671S EOC671SA EOC671TN EOC671TR EOC671W POL667S POL667W POL668S POL668W PDL790S PDL790W POL781S POL783S PDL794S PDL794W EOS671S EOS671W EDCD697S 63G911S 63G911W 63G912S 63G912W EDC693S EDC693W POVJ782S PDVJ792S POVJ782W PDVJ792W PSJ633S ESE6633S DSJ638SLP DSJ638SNG EDCD697S*30 POL783S*30 EDCD691S EDCD691W 83E711S*02 83E711W*02 83E712S*02 83E712W*02 85E726S*01 85E726S*02 85E726W*01 85E726W*02 EOE643S EOE693S EOE697S POL667KCY POL667WCY POL668SCY POL668WCY EDED697S EDE693S POJ767A POJ787A EPCC681S EPCC681S*03 EPCC681W EPCC681W*03 DSE6653S PSJ633S*13
  • 2200/800W

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