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MTE90MP ILVE Oven Function Selector Switch Genuine

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  • ILVE Oven Function Selector Switch A/034/11
  • Suits: 600MMP, 600MTMP, 600NMP, 600NCMP, 600SCW, 600SCN, 700CMP, 700WMP, 800LMP, 800WMP, 800TMP, JC60MP, JC806MP,JC80MP, JC80LM, JC90MP, JC906MP, MTE90MP, ME90MP, MCE90MP, MTI90MP, MI90MP, MCI90MP, PDF100, PDF100, PDN100, PDW100, PWI60MP, PLI60MP, PFI60MP, PNI60MP, PLE80MP, PWE80MP, PFE80MP, PNE80MP, PL90, PW90, PF90, PN90, PL90FMP, PE90FMP, PN90FMP, T90LMP, T90WMP, T90FLMP, T90FWMP, TD90CWM, T90CLMP, TD906WMP, TD906LMP
  • 10 Positions + Microswitch, Ovens Made From 2009 – 2014
  • This Selector Switch Has A Metal Shaft And The Oven Light Is Activated By Pushing The Knob IN and Out
  • A03411

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