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Technika Oven Bake Bottom Element 1300W 230V

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  • Technika Oven Bake Bottom Element 4104413
  • Suits: B59MTI, B59PTWP, TB60F, B59PTIP, B50STIP1, B59STIP1, T888, TB90F, B50STWP
  • B153SS, B60MTDI, B60MTDISS, B60MTKI, B60MTKI/1, B60MTKISS, BA180SS, BA187SS, BA187W, BA190SS, BA191SS, BA484SS, BA495SS, BA550, BAO4636, BAO4636-P, BAO6001, BAO6003-P, BAO6005-P, BAO6007, BAO6008, BAO6008-P, BAO6009, BAO6009-P, BAO6035, BDO69MS, BO460SS, BO65MS.1, BO660SS, BO670SS, BO67MS, BO69PMS, BO905SS, BO910SS, BT1900, BT1900TW, DAO6005, DDO67MS, DO67MS, L136.2SS, L186.2SS, L186.2W, L186W, LAS3SS, LIO6001, LOO6008, LOO6009, PA0160021, PA0160031, T888MTKISS
  • Oven bake element 1300W 230V
  • 340mm wide 325mm depth to flange
  • 86mm hole spacing on flange with central earth tab
  • 2 x 6.3mm male spade connectors

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