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Washing Machine Inlet Water Valve 90 Degree 360313


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  • Washing Machine Inlet Water Valve 360313
  • 90 Degree, 10 Liter Per Minute
  • Suit Top Loaders Westinghouse: LE425P*04, LE555S*04, LT608SA*01, LT608SA*02, LT608SA*03, LT609SA*00, LT609SA*01, LT609SA*03, LT609SAU*03, LT809SA*00, LT809SA*01, LT955SA*00, LT955SA*01, LT955SA*02 Hoover: 960, 970, 975, 1010, 1020, 2065L0AUS, 2085L0AUS, 2300L0AUS, 2305L0AUS, 2310L0AUS, 2430L0AUS, 2045L0AUS, 2320L0AUS, 2325L0AUS, 200M0AUS, 2425L0AUS, 2315L0AUS, 500MA*01, 550MA*01, 500MB*01, 550MB*01, 500ME*00, 500MB*02, 550MB*02, 500MB*02, 550MB*02, 500MD*00, 550MD*00, 600MB*01, 600ME*00, 600MB*02, 600MD*00, 700LC*01, 750LC*01, 700LB*01, 750LB*01, 700LE*00, 700LD*00, 750LD*00, 700LA*01, 750LA*01, 7005L0AUS, 800ELB*01, 800RLB*01, 800RLD*00, 800RLD*01, 800ELC*01, 800ELA*01, 800RLA*01, 800RLC*01, 800RL1AUS, A6742, A6578, A6580, A6582, A6470, A6584, A6590, A6516, A6274, A6232, A6464, A6466, A6468, K600B*01, K605B*02, K605B*02, K605B*01, K600B*02, K600B*03, K750B*01, K750C*01, K800B*01, K800C*01 Electrolux: EWT606SA Simpson: 22P650J*01, 22P650J*02, 22P824D*04, 22P824D*05, 22P824D*06, 22S741J*01, 22S750J*01, 22S650J*01, 22S741J*02, 22S750J*02, 22S826F*04, 22S826F*05, 22S720F*04, 22S720F*05, 22S821F*04, 22S821F*05, 22S750N, 22S806K*01, 22S807K*01, 22S950L*00, 22S950L*02, 22S750L*00, 22S800L*00, 22S805L*00, 22S750L*02, 22S800L*02, 22S805L*02, 22S650K*03, 22S750K*03, 22S816K*00, 22S756J*03, 22S757J*03, 22S650K*01, 22S750K*01, 22S800L*03, 22S950L*03, 22S750M, 22S750M*00, 22S950M, 22S823F*04, 22S822F*04, 22S822F*05, 22S823F*05, 22S756J*01, 22S756J*02, 22S757J*01, 22S757J*02, 36P422E*04, 36P422E*04, 36P450J*02, 36P450L*00, 36P450L*02, 36P450L*03, 36P450J*04, 36P450H*03, 36P450K*01, 36P450K*02, 36P450K*03, 36P500M*00, 36P450J*01, 36S555J*01, 36S556J*01, 36S557J*01, 36S550M, 36S424E*01, 36S525E*04, 36S424E*01, 36S525E*04, 36S555J*02, 36S556J*02, 36S557J*02, 36S541J*02, 36S550J*02, 36S605K*02, 36S605K*02, 36S605K*01, 36S605K*01, 36S550L*00, 36S605L*00, 36S550L*02, 36S605L*02, 36S550J*04, 36S550N, 36S500H*03, 36S541H*03, 36S550K*01, 36S550K*02, 36S550K*03, 36S605N, 36S605M, 36S550M*00, 36S605M*00, 36S541J*01, 36S550J*01,36S424E*04, 36S424E*04, SWT954, SWT754, SWT704, SWT604, SWT554, SWT552SA, SWT605SA, SWT802S, SWT902SA, SWT955SA, SWT902SA, SWT902SA*00, SWT552SA, SWT605SA, SWT955SA, SWT955SA*00

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