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0122004479 Westinghouse Chef Cooktop Element 165mm


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  • Westinghouse Chef Cooktop Element 0122004479
  • Suits: Chef Westinghouse Simpson Electrolux
  • Size: 165mm, 1200W
  • Suits: EPCC681W*03 EPCC681W EPCC681S*03 EPCC681S PHD564CW PHD564CB PAJ509RC*19 PAJ509RC*16 PAJ509RC*17 PAJ521W*16 PAJ521W*17 PAJ806W*00 PAJ806W*01 PAJ806W*02 PAJ806W*03 PAJ806W*04 PAJ806W*05 PAJ521W*19 PAJ808W*00 PAJ808W*01 PAJ808W*02 PAJ808W*03 PAJ808W*04 PAJ808W*05 PAJ558W*16 PAJ558W*17 PAJ558W*19 EUC5350W*06 EUC5350W*07 EUC5390W*06 EUC5390W*07 61D931W*16 613D931W*19 EPSC631S EPSC631W 61D931W*19, PHF564K*01 PHF564W*01 PHF564B*01 PHF284K*01 PHF284W*01 PHF284S*01 64C994U*05 PHVJ768U PAF808W*03 PHH222K*00 PHH222W*00 PHH284U*00 PHH564K*00 PHH564S*00 PHH564W*00 PHHY564K*01 PHHY564K*00 PHHY564S*00 PHHY564S*01 PHHY564W*00 PHHY564W*01 PAH806W*00 PAH808W*00 3U605W 3U606W EHC640U*00 PHH394U*05 3U609WJUPITER 65C980W*00 3U608W 3U609W, PHHY564W*01 PHHY564S*01 PHHY564K*01 PHH564W*00 PHH564S*00 PHH564K*00 PHH284U*00 PHH222W*00 PHH222K*00 PHH285K*00 PHH285S*00 PHH285W*00 64C985U*00 EG2FCW FEO1CBL FEO1CSS FEO1CW FEPMFCBL FEPMFCSS FEPMFCW FECC4RBL FECC4RSS FECC4RW ESPAFCW ESR2AFCW ESR2FCW ESR2MFCW ESRAFCW ESRFCW PSN632S*40 PSN632W*40 RET9AFCBL RET9AFCW RET9FCW PPN776S*46 PPN776W*46 PPN778S*46 PPN778W*46 POF763W*03 POF763K*03 PHM798U PHM394U PPN776S*45 4U605W*37 4U606W*37 4U608W*37 4U609W*37 PSN632S*37 PPN776W*45 PPN778S*45 PSN632W*37 PAK806W*37 PAK808W*37 PPN778W*45 PPN776S*47 PPN776W*47 PPN778S*47 PPN778W*47 943253533 PHE22B PHE222W PHE222K PHE284B PHE284K PHE284W POF763W POF763BK PAF808W*02 PAF808W*03 PHR222U 949163187 PHP222U 949163088 75C986S*09 75C986W*09 64G985U PHM222U 949163000 PHE222B  and Others
  • Other Part No. 389070002 0122004384 823329 374063522

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