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0019777850 Westinghouse Oven Control Knobs (4 Pack)


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  • Westinghouse Oven Control Knobs 0019777850
  • Suits: PAD130W PAD130W-20 PAD140W PAD140W-20 PAD142W PAD142W-20 PAD151G-15 PAD151G-20 PAD161B PAD161B-20 PAD171N PAD171N-20 PAD516W PAD516W-20 PAD516EW PAD516EW-20 PAD517GF-15 PAD130W20 PAD140W20 PAD517GF-20 PAD518FW PAD518FW-20 PAD518FW*22 PAD518EFW PAD142W20 PAD518EFW-20 PAD518EFW*22 PAD519GF*22 PAD527BF PAD527BF-20 PAD537NF PAD151G15 PAD537NF-20 PAD539NF*22 PAD529BF*22 PAD151G20 PAD161B20 PAD171N20 PAD516W20 PAD516EW20 PAD517GF15 PAD517GF20 PAD518FW20 PAD518EFW20 PAD527BF20 PAD537NF20 POD646QFW-20 POD646SQFWO POD646WQFWO-20 POD639SFW*22 POD639SFWO*22 POD639SFCW*22 POD638FW POD638FW20 POD638SFW POD638SFW20 POD638SFWO POD638SFWO20 POD638SFCW20 POD628QW POD628QW20 POD628QCW POD628QCW20 POD628SQW POD628SQW20 POD628SQCW POD628SQCW20 PAF140W*00 PAF140HW*00 PAF143W*00 PAF143HW*00 PAF144W*00 PAF151G*00 PAF171N*00 PCD506FW-R*20 PCD506FW-L*20 PCD508QFWO-R*20 PCD508QFWO-L*20 GWB550FW GWB550FW13 GWB550FW20 GWB550FW21 GWB550FW23 GWB500W GWB500W13 GWB500W20 GWB500W21 GWB500W23 GWB605FW GWB605FW13 GWB605FWO20 GWB605FWO21 GWB605FWO23 POD712SMWO POD712SMWO-20/1 POD712SMWO-20 PAD143W*23 PAD143EW*23 PAD143EW*24 PAD616FW PAD616FWO20 PAD616EFW PAD616EFWO-20 PAD616EFWO20 PAD620QFW PAD620QFWO20 PAD620QEFW PAD620QEFWO20 PAF516W*00 PAF517W*00 PAF518W*00 PAF519G*00 PAF520W*00 PAF539N*00 PCD5O5WL*25 PCD5O5WL*26 PCD5O5WR*25 PCD5O5WR*26 PCD5O5HWL*26 PCD5O5HWR*26 PCD5O6FWL*25 PCD5O6FWL*26 PCD5O6FWR*25 PCD5O6EFBVR*25 PCD5O8QFWOL*25 PCD5O8QFWOR*25 PCD506FWL*26 PAD616FWO*27 PAD616EFWO*27 PAD620QFWO*27 PAD620QEFWO*27 PCF505WL*00 PCF505WR*00 PCF505HWL*00 PCF505HWR*00 PCF506WL*00 PCF506WR*00 PCF508WL*00 PCF508WR*00 PCF505WL*01 PCF505HWL*01 PCF505HWR*01 PCF506WL*01 PCF508WL*01 PCF508WR*01 PCF505WR*01 PCF506WR*01 PAF518W*07 PAF519G*07 PAF520W*07 PAF539N*07 PAD516W*25 PAD516W*26 PAD516EW*26 PAD518FW*25 PAD518EFW*25 PAD519GF*25 PAD539NF*25 PAD181C*00 PAD547CF*00 PHH394U*05 GHH30W GHH30W*00 PHD564CW PHEY564CW PHE564CW PHDY564CW 
  • Size: 41mm Skirt, 5mm Stem, 5mm D Shaft
  • Please use this knob for superseded knob

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